Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Just wanted to pop in and share a favorite from my most recent session. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Before and After

I just wanted to share a quick before and after of this edit I did of my husband. Isn't he handsome!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here are some more photos we took on vacation. This is me and my husband of nearly 8 years! Dan, my assistant, did amazing on these. His talents are obvious. Dan, you never cease to amaze me!


D&D- the boys! Not the game :)

On vacation in the Outer Banks my amazing assistant and I went out and spent time taking photos of each other. This is my assistant Dan with his boyfriend, of the same name. They get lots of harassment from us for it. Many nick-names have been attempted but none seem to stick. We were blessed with beautiful lighting, enjoy!

We found all sorts of fun places for photos, buoy's equal awesome.

Tall Dan is silly, don't you love his face here?  (Don't tell short Dan I called tall Dan tall!)

My absolute favorite!

Currituck lighthouse in the background.

Ahhhh, This is my absolute absolute favorite!

Baby A

Sweet Baby A was just wonderful to work with! I love spending a day snuggling a new babe while Mom gets to look on and just adore her fresh little one. This little man was easy as pie to work with and once we got him asleep, he was out for a good long while.

Love these ones with Mama.

Yes! Looking right at the camera!

H family Maternity Photo Shoot

This family is always such a joy to be around and I had an amazing time photographing them. They are so wonderful in front of the camera, it's not difficult to capture the love they have for one another.

These tin-can phone photos were Mom-to-be's idea. Brilliant!

Add a superhero mask, adorable!

I love this one, it's so peaceful. 

Thank you H family for allowing me into your home to capture your beautiful life.

Joining Facebook

Little Miss Eclectic is on facebook and ready to roll as a real photography business!

I am so excited, and to be honest- a bit terrified, to be putting myself out there for others to see. There is something about sharing a craft, an art that I am passionate about that makes me feel so proud of myself and yet utterly afraid of judgement at the same time. So, stepping through my fear, here we are! My friend Dan, and I are starting a photo business and are ready to share! Please like our page on facebook, and get ready to see lots of changes on the blog here soon!

Here is the link:
Little Miss Eclectic Photography facebook page.

Much love friends!